• Butterfly Bush Pink Delight

    You are my best friend You are my love And please don’t use this Please don’t lie to me I walk with you regardless of distance Secretly I’ve asked God to protect you To watch over and evaluate us. I hold your words as precious jewels Behold your face as a great blessing Long for… Continue reading

  • Yes You Can With Me

    Holding your hands delivers happiness when I’m low, how far will this go? Apart, separated, minding my own then you come with a simple flower in your hair, smiling, saying, can I stand here too? Yes you can. If you want. Yes, you can. If you are comfortable with soft moments, friendship because I already… Continue reading

  • Sweater We Love

    Racing to our own dead end walls I’m lonely so like take me with you At least we’ll feel alive before it all Breaks revealing tender hopes holding every part of us together Racing to death like okay I think I’ve seen enough of this cruel life Don’t leave and don’t betray We can double… Continue reading

  • Keychain In Question

    Seen a ghost across from a pretty distraction It makes sense, attraction then bad reactions it always happens before a breakthrough Weak point, this love, dragging weak minds underneath for thrashing Upgrade because now you know worth and deserve an ultra lover perk Working life without being an actual zombie among zombies Not dissing because… Continue reading