• Very Present Ears

    Ears Let me not look for them here There is a time for assistance via mankind There is a time all must be directed above And here I am, searching for guidance from God Almighty I will wait. I will trust. I will believe. I do. There is no other place to go Just to… Continue reading

  • James 4:10

    Over the next frightening hill Around the next dangerous curb You’ll find what you’ve been waiting for Humble yourself a little more You must learn control has never been yours Hold tighter than ever Don’t lean in any direction or to your understanding In due time, you’ll discover why Time isn’t due, in due time. Continue reading

  • PorchLight Rules

    Caressed then dropped, bubbles popped, we had so much, all is lost, I waited for a shadow. Gears shifted in her escape, pretending our love could stand time’s bitter taste, I’m ready while she whispers wait, there’s something more important than us, an ever-changing gate. Stomped my budding expectation blossoms, ripped my darling devotion pedal… Continue reading